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Project Description
ExPvProxy can be used to collect solar inverter data from Enecsys Gateways (Gen1) and forward it to

Since "" is no longer online, you can use this tool to forward your Solar Output Data directly to or to an MQTT Broker.

ExPvProxy can run on a PC (.NET Framework 3.5 is requried) or on a Linux device (Mono is required).


  1. Edit ExPvProxy.exe.config and enter your SID and KEY from and Set PVOutputEnabled to TRUE
  2. Start ExPvProxy.exe (on Linux, you have to run "mono ExPvProxy.exe")
  3. Open the Web-Admin Interface of your Enecsys-Gateway (User: Administrator , PS: Password)
  4. Enter the IP of the device running the ExPvProxy Service in "Remote Server Address or name"
  5. press "Apply New Settings"
  6. After a few seconds, the power data will be logged on ExPvProxy
  7. Upload to will run every 5 Minutes
  8. On your Gateway (Tab: Debug Information), check if the "Connection Status" is "Online".

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